Artisan coffee, food and wine.

Figment has been designed as a relaxing, bright, happy space.  A place to meet, hang out and converse. Our minimalist design and muted colour scheme are intended to relax the senses and soothe the soul, a haven from the rigours of your day.

Our coffee

Our coffee is roasted by hand, in small batches, on site, using our Diedrich roaster.  We buy in some of the best green beans in the world and roast them to specific profiles that bring out the differences in flavour that the variety, terroir and processing methods impart. It is important to us that the beans are ethically sourced, we have traceability from the farms and that the farmers who provide them are fairly treated.  Each blend and single origin is chosen to deliver a delicious cup of coffee.

Each cup is brewed with the perfect combination of science and art.  At the start of each shift our Baristas dial in the equipment, taste the coffee and continue to monitor it throughout the day.  We weigh every single dose of espresso to 0.1g accuracy before our Synesso delivers a consistent yield over a specified time at exact temperature and pressure.  Our baristas then use that shot on its own or with water or milk to deliver a consistent, wonderful cup of coffee.

Our food

Our food is prepared fresh every day in our kitchen.  Through our collaboration with Jamie Scott (of the award winning The Newport Restaurant) Jamie has developed wonderful recipes and exciting menus for us that focus on the quality of the produce used in innovative ways.  We use the best local ingredients we can find from a range of wonderful suppliers and what we don’t find locally we source from other independent, forward thinking like-minded companies.

Of course, preparing fresh coffee to exacting standards and fresh food on every plate takes a little time but we believe it is worth the wait and we created a space worth waiting in.

Dreamers welcome